About Us


The image that we should always have of our parish is that of a family. We are the family of the Lord. As Jesus once gathered his early followers, he now gathers us around himself. We are one family with him. He gives us his life through baptism; he forgives our sins in the sacrament of penance; and, he nourishes us regularly through his word and with his very life in the Eucharist.

Every family thrives on love. We pray that our parish family lives always in the experience of love. To the extent that we accept love of the Lord for us and return this love, especially through loving care of others, we live as a family.

Jesus gives the perfect description of each parish with these words. As the father has loved me, so I have loved you. Live on in my love (Jn. 15:9). May Mary, our mother and patroness, always guide us to the love of the Lord.

This website describes our efforts to make our parish a family. We know that you will benefit from these ministries. We are confident that you will share your talents with them as well.

Welcome to the family of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament…

– Reverend Robert J. Whelan, Pastor

Mission Statement

Blessed mother and Jesus SMALL

We, the members of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament parish, are a community of the faithful committed to walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Ministering to the residents of the Bayside area of northeastern Queens since 1930, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament continues to strive to see the face of Christ in each person.

With The Blessed Mother as our patroness and the Blessed Sacrament as our spiritual center, we strive to discern God’s will and to conduct our lives in such a way so as to reflect His unconditional love for all His children.

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we value the dignity, uniqueness, and God-given gifts present in each individual. Sensitive to the needs and capabilities among our fellow parishioners, we endeavor to foster a sense of nurturing, supportive community within our parish in order to assist each other in our journey to a grace-filled existence.

Nourished by the sacraments and sustained by the Holy Mass, we hope to serve as a beacon of hope and welcome to all who witness our efforts. We value hospitality, for it reflects God’s inclusive love; we value compassion, for it embodies Christ’s mandate to His disciples; we value charity, for it is the lived response to Gospel teachings.

As humble children of God and as active parishioners of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, we are committed to welcome all into our fold. Without judgment, reservation, or distinction, we seek to embrace our brothers and sisters in a manner commensurate with Gospel teachings. These, the revealed truths of our faith, direct us as we extend the hand of mercy to young and old alike. We seek to motivate the young, to empower the devoted, to honor the voice of those who are new to our community, to educate all by word and deed in the Gospel teachings, to support families in their quest to emulate the Holy Family, to ease the pain of those among us who are suffering, ministering to the broken Christ in each.

Seeking an ever more vibrant parish community, we will pursue new and innovative means by which to welcome, minister to, and fully incorporate those who are new to our parish family, being particularly sensitive to their national, cultural, and linguistic distinctiveness. We will open ourselves to more effective, Christ-like means by which to assist the elderly, the ailing, and the homebound of our community. We will explore fresh, relevant means by which to attract and maintain the interest and participation of the young in every aspect of parish life.

Appreciative of our clergy, we will prayerfully seek means by which to further expand the role of the laity in liturgical and parish community functions. All this we seek with the blessing of our loving God and the sustaining guidance of Mary, our Blessed Mother.

A Brief History of our Parish

Eighty years ago there was no Catholic community in the immediate area and the land was tenanted principally by industrious Quaker farmers. However, after the building boom at the end of the 1920s, the number of Catholic families in the area made it mandatory that a parish be established.

OLBS old photo 2

In 1930, the parish of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament was officially formed, with Reverend James Dolan as pastor. Mass was held in the clubroom of the Matowac Democrat Club and later in the Victory Movie Theatre on 32nd Avenue.

On October 19, 1931, one year from the day of the first Mass, the consummation of a years strenuous work was commemorated by the solemn blessing and dedication of the beautiful new Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church.

The parish grew rapidly and two curates aided Father Dolan with parish work. In May 1941 Bishop Molloy dedicated the new rectory and, one month later, Reverend Charles Reilly was assigned as the new pastor. After the end of World War II, Father Reilly dedicated himself to building a parish school.

Under the leadership of Father Thomas Masterson, who had a gift for fund-raising, the parish ran bazaars and raffles to help fund the school. In October of 1949, ground was broken and the school was officially opened in February of 1951, with and enrollment of 428 children for the first 5 grades.

OLBS old photo 1

The parish continued to flourish under the pastorate of Reverend Martin F. Tully who succeeded Msgr. Reilly in 1967. Father Tully devoted himself to carrying out the work of parish renewal outlined by the Second Vatican Council. This work was continued by Msgr. Francis B. Donnelly, who succeeded Father Tully as pastor in 1976.

Upon Msgr. Donnellys retirement, Msgr. George T. Deas took charge. For eighteen years Msgr. Deas concentrated on parish outreach. Many programs designed to serve the needs of our parishioners were started under his auspices. Msgr. Vincent A. Keane became pastor in January 1997. He won the hearts of the parishioners with his humble spirituality. Msgr. Keane retired from active parish work in the Spring of 2001. Msgr. John E. Mahoney became pastor in June 2001, and worked tirelessly to keep the parish of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament an exciting, vibrant community in faith.

Father Bob Whelan was appointed pastor in July 2008 and is working diligently with parishioners to build upon the solid foundation which previous pastors and generations have established. Together, OLBS Parish will continue to thrive and build up the kingdom of God here in Bayside.