July 28, 2020

Public Mass Guidelines

Every effort is being made for you to comfortably and safely return to Sunday and Daily Mass.

Those not feeling well or with health conditions should remain home at this time. The obligation to assist at Sunday Mass remains suspended by the Bishop. We will continue to post our Mass on YouTube.

Facial coverings must be worn in church, except for children under 2 or for medical exceptions.

All touchable surfaces are being sanitized on a regular basis. Ventilation systems are being fitted with virus killing UV light and Ionizers, whether the AC or Heat is being used. Windows should be open despite the outside temperatures.

The priest and Deacon will not wear masks—except when distributing Communion-- but maintain proper distancing.

Please sanitize your hands when entering church. It is available at each door or bring your own.

Please take a seat several feet from others. Family units can sit together. Alternate pews are taped off. We are observing 25% capacity, although by judicial order we can use 50%, so if full, please come to a later Mass or participate online.

No worship aids are in use. Music Ministry is limited to musician and cantor for antiphons instead of congregational hymns. Alternating parts of the Mass are chanted soto voce, in a low voice. No altar servers are in use.

There will be no entrance, offertory, or recessional processions to avoid congregating.

There will be no physical exchange of peace. You may share Christ’s peace with a gesture.

For the Communion Procession please keep a six-foot distance between you and the person in front.

At the offertory, a contactless collection takes place, but gifts are not brought forward to be received.

You are urged to receive Holy Communion in the hand by request of the bishop, without touching the minister’s hand.

Ministers will sanitize their hands again before Communion, keep their masks on, reverently drop the host in the person’s hand, and if contact is made, stop and use the ablution cup and sanitizer again.

Keep your mask on when you reply Amen, then walk six feet, remove it, receive, and put it back on. 

The Precious Blood will not be distributed at this time.

Anyone insisting on receiving on the tongue should go to the end of the priest-celebrant’s line.

Please exit the church when ready keeping social distance and without congregating in groups outside.

Let’s make these sacrifices together joyfully, knowing we are protecting the health of our brothers and sisters as well as our own.                        


Fr. Robert Whelan