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Safe Environment for Our Children

Parish/Diocesan Policy

Our diocese requires that we register all parish volunteers to minors so that we can serve those in our care responsibly and effectively. Registration involves the following:


All individuals who volunteer to work with minors will receive a package containing an online registration form with access to to sign up on that Website for the required workshop nearest to the individual(s). At the workshop the volunteer(s) will sign in, and hand in the background search form, and the Code of Conduct form that will be sent to the Safe Environment Office along with the official sign in sheet which serves as proof of attendance. Upon completion of the workshop and necessary forms, you will be officially registered with the Diocese of Brooklyn as a registered volunteer.

For more information please call 718-229-5929 and ask for Marsha Quilang or visit

Coordinator: Judy Reilly

Training: Bob Reid


Altar Servers

Coordinators: Rose Macchio & Ana Monteverdi

Altar servers are boys and girls who are in the 4th to 8th grade (though some stay on through high school) in the parish. They help the priests at masses, funerals, and weddings. There is an initial training session consisting of one-hour classes for four consecutive Saturdays. At the end of the training, new altar servers are installed at a Sunday 10:00am mass. Altar Servers are given schedules and usually serve mass on Sundays once or twice a month. Adult altar servers also assist at weekday mass.

Altar Server Guidelines


Teen Club

Coordinator: Kathleen Giuliano (p) 718-229-5929, ext. 121

Our Teen Club provides a church-related atmosphere for some one hundred teens at the junior high level from Catholic and Public schools.

Meetings are held in the gym on Wednesday evenings under the guidance of our Youth Minister, Kathleen Giuliano and dedicated VIRTUS trained adult supervisors. While primarily recreational in nature, the Teen Club hopes to promote guidance for self-assurance and leadership in the parish community. Every six to eight weeks a supervised dance is held for all Teen Club members.

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Catholic Teen Community (CTC)

OLBS Youth Minister: Kathleen Giuliano (p) 718-229-5929, ext. 121

The CTC is the Catholic Teen Community made up of parish and non-parish high school teens who meet every Tuesday evening in the convent of the Daughters of Charity here at OLBS to plan projects to help the poor. They have been making meatloaves for the St. Johns Bread and Life Soup Kitchen for the past nine years that feeds about 400 people. They also make dignity packs (averaging about 3,500 per year) for the homeless. While not working for the poor, CTC members can be found developing their faith, offering sacramental preparation for those high school students who may not have had an earlier opportunity.

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Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

Coordinator: Michael Monteverdi

The goal of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is to create an opportunity for youth to participate in athletic programs and activities that will enable them to grow in Christian witness and assume leadership roles in the church and community.

The CYO program of our parish is run under the regulations prescribed by the Diocese. Boys and girls may participate in the following sports: Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Track. There is a registration fee charged and parents are asked to do volunteer work to support the program. General membership meetings are held quarterly. Notice is made in the Sunday Bulletin. We are always in need of coaches and adult volunteers.

Please note, all volunteers sixteen and older MUST qualify to work with children and young adults by first completing the Virtus training program. Thank you!

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Music Ministry

Music Director: Michael Martinka (p) 718-229-5929musicolbs

Music Ministers guidelines


Adult Choir

Coordinator: Michael Martinka (p) 718-229-5929

The choir assists the congregation in hymns, psalms, and responses in the Mass. The adult choir sings at the 11:00am Mass on Sunday twice a month and at all other major liturgical feasts. A seasonal service of scripture and song is performed by all the choirs during Advent. Rehearsals for the adult choir are on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm in the choir loft. New members are always welcome.

Youth Choir

Coordinator: Valerie DeMato (p) 718-423-7017

The Youth Choir, whose members are young adults from 7th grade and up, sings and plays instruments at the Saturday 5:00pm mass. New music is interspersed with traditional repertoire to introduce the congregation to parish worship and liturgical formation. New voices and talents are always welcome. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Center. Anyone who plays an instrument may also be interested in joining.
For more information please call:

Childrens Choir

Coordinator: Margaret Abel (p) 718-428-7409

The Childrens Choir, whose members are children from the 3rd to 8th grade, sings at the 12:30 pm Mass twice a month. Rehearsals are on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in the Parish Center. For more information please call:

Cherub Choir

Coordinator: Margaret Abel (p) 718-428-7409

The Cherub Choir, whose members are children from Kindergarten to 2nd grade, sings at the 10:00 am Family Mass once a month. Rehearsals are on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in the Parish Center. For more information please call: